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Fri, May. 4th, 2007, 01:18 pm
L'armee Des Hombres is Here!

The Criterion edition of Jean Pierre Melville's Army of Shadows arrived this week to my delight. While I already own a British edition of the film, the North American edition comes with several added goodies that make it a must to own. I can't say enough but how good this movie is. It's available for rent at Black Dog if anyone is interested, and I just convinced Rodney Graham to buy a copy which was nice.

Added to this great Melville news comes word that Criterion will release Melville's first major film Les Enfants Terribles to North American viewers this summer (it has been available in the UK for some time now). Also, Le Silence De La Mer will see the light of day in the UK this summer as well.

Ok enough of that.... Went to Jarvis Cocker on Tuesday and of course it lived up to billing. Jarv banged through the whole album pretty much with a b-side and a great Gary Numan cover. The guy is such an amazing performer; great banter and stage presence.  While I wonder how many people had heard the solo record, it was a testament to his skills as a performer that nobody was yelling out Pulp songs and everybody was lapping up the new material. As for the openers, the Choir Practice, words like dull, boring, and contrived come to mind.

Off to see the Arctic Monkeys tonight, which might seem lame but I have to say that I like the new record even though it's quite short.

On the Hop
  • Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan - Pullhair Rubeye (Paw Tracks)
    • There has been a lot of criticism leveled against this record so far and while I initially thought it was unfair I have slowly come to the inclusion that this album is a major misguided affair. I would likely not have come to this conclusion if I hadn't heard the original non-reversed version (which I think is generally excellent), but the whole exercise just seems ridiculous. Davd Lynch and Inland Empire aside, the whole record just sounds goofy, and after a listen or two I feel like I never want to hear it again. It doesn't help that Panda Bear's new album is such a triumph either.
  • Sister Vanilla-Little Pop Rock (Chemikal Underground)
    • Brand new effort from the Reid brothers of Jesus & Mary Chain, who have teamed up with their sister to create this new project. Overall, this is a solid record that sounds much like a new JAMC record with less distorted guitar and only a splattering of the brothers' vocals.
  •  Vanishing Voice-Nordic Visions/Stone Tablet (Important)
    • Great records to get me excited about the new Wooden Wand colab project, Vanishing Voice sans W.W. gets murky and misty, as if recorded in the darkest hilltops of Northern California.
  • Anne Briggs-The Time Has Come (Water)
    • My favourite album by leaps and bounds at the moment, the reissue of the second album by English folk singer Anne Briggs is utterly stunning. Yes, Linda Thompson, Vashti Bunyan and Shirley Collins should be given their due from this period, but for me this is the seminal album from the period, mixing stunning original tunes with contemporary covers. Water records just keeps on getting better with their reissues this year. First Kevin Ayers, now Anne Briggs, next...Soft Machine. Yes!

Sat, May. 5th, 2007 09:45 am (UTC)

ooh. haven't seen that anne briggs yet. man, i love water. haven't listened to those new VV albums either. maybe I should?

harsh words on the choir practice! I've only seen ever seen them perform a song and a half, but I'm rather drastically biased in their favour via some friendships.

when i settle into serious film-renting mode (give me a week or two), i will certainly rent Army of Shadows. I've only seen Le Cercle Rouge, which I think is maybe more middling Melville, but I loved it.

Never been a Pulp fan, so I didn't really give old Jarvo's solo album much of a shot. My loss, I'm sure. Everbody seems pretty stoked on the show.