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Tue, Mar. 27th, 2007, 04:08 pm
Off to Lily Allen...

Off to see Lily Allen tonight and i'm not sure what to expect as she has written lately that she is exhausted and growing tired of playing the same songs every night across North America. While this is an understandable gripe, one can't feel that sympathetic, as this is what happens when someone with one album gets big really quickly and decides they can headline a tour on ten songs.

The amount of new stuff arriving this week at work is going to be absolutely crippling and a real joy to deal with. The nice thing is at least the new Panda Bear and the Sunn0)))/Boris 3LP will be in the boxes (the extra LP track on the Sunn0)))/Boris is the true gem in an otherwise lack luster collaboration). "Build my gallows high baby"

On the Hop

Earth - Hibernaculum CD/DVD
  • The problem with Earth, the kings of drone, is that some of their records often descend into boredom pretty quickly with long winded instrumentals going nowhere (see Penastar). Yet i'm really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the four tracks found on the new CD side of Hibernaculum. 3 of the tracks are reworkings of old numbers, with a new twist I guess, creating a dreamy atmosphere accentuated by some great twangy guitar riffage. This hint of twang, so to speak, is what  separates Earth from the more brooding  drone metal groups like Sunn0)) or Isis.
Dean & Britta - Back Numbers
  • Galaxie 500 are one of my obsessions, a band that I never grow tired of. Luna on the other hand (Dean Wareham's next project) are a band I just don't get, a poor mans Galaxie 500 that make Damon & Naomi sound interesting (which they rarely are). Yet the collaboration between Dean and his wife/Luna bandmate Britta Phillips has achieved far greater things than their partnership in Luna. Their second release Back Numbers, is really an album to highlight Britta's vocal talents. You need look no further than the following: